quick diet

  1. quick diet

    Okay, I wanna drop some serious bodyfat in two weeks to kick off my diet program. I know not much can be done in two weeks, my reasoning is to see a small change, and it always keeps me on track and motivates me. As well, I wanna rip up a little for Valentines day, wana look good for the g/f. Anyway, what is the most effective way to drop weight (BF) fast. Im not concerned with its long term effects, as I will only do this for a few weeks, then balance out my diet for the remainder of my cutting cycle.

  2. CKD would be the way you need to go

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Matthew D
    CKD would be the way you need to go
    That is a wise choice...

    What is your current diet like? Training?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by sawastea
    That is a wise choice...

    What is your current diet like? Training?
    Diet is pretty much 3000cals, 40 pro 40 carb 30 fat
    Train 4 X week, half an hour elliptical, and 45 min weights

  5. drop the cals down a lot

  6. drop the carbs after 6pm and you should see results in two weeks. Also do cardio in the morning if you can just like a 30 minute brisk incline walk will do.

  7. I know that Valentine's Day is over, but here's my two cents worth. Cut the sugars out. If you drink sodas, drink diet. Use Splenda for your sweetner where you would normally use sugar. Make sure most of your carb intake is from whole grains and such, ie: brown rice, oats, yams, whole wheat, etc. Tapper your carb intake down as the day ends. Don't eat any carbs 4-5 hours before going to bed. Do this and you will see a big difference. It worked for me, lost 30 lbs in 3 months.

  8. CKD 2 weeks, prob drop 10lbs(water)


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