cutting with out feeling wired?

  1. cutting with out feeling wired?

    Im trying to get leaner and have noticed from experience that I am very sensitive to stimulants. I know there has to be someone out there who has my same issues. When I take a product with alot of caffeine or amy othere stimulants I get anxious and the jitters. I want to make my six pack to be seen clearly. My question is what products out there are beneficial to burning fat succesfully and do not cause these horrible experiences?

  2. fucoxanthin,dcp(TTA),cla,green tea extract, sesamin, or you can just inject leptin.

  3. I have found lean extreme to work very well for me, many people report seeing more fat lost in the visceral area compared to other products. It is a non stimulant, so you would deff not experience any jitters or anything.

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