Check my CKD

  1. Check my CKD

    I am about to start CKD and want to have my diet checked out before it's go time.

    Background: Male, 23, 210, 11.5% BF. Trying to get down to under 7% bf and keep as much muscle as possible. I had my metabolic rate tested by a health care provider where I am stationed and I burn about 3150 calories a day before exercise.

    Supps I'll be taking: EC Stack 25mg/200mg 3 times a day, ON ProComplex for protein powder, Multi-Vitamins, possibly Greenmag for creatine, and 100% Whey for post workout.

    Callories (P/C/F)
    Total Callories a day: 2700 (360/55/116)

    Meal 1:
    2 Cups of Cottage Cheese: 60/18/24
    3 Egg Omlet w/ Cheese and Veggies: 20/4/20

    Meal 2:
    2 Scoops of ProComplex: 60/5/2
    2 Cheese Sticks: 12/1/12

    Meal 3:
    4oz Chicken Breasts: 25/0/3
    Mixed Veggies: 3/12/0
    Teaspoon of Butter: 1/1/7

    Meal 4:
    44oz Chicken Breasts: 25/0/3
    Mixed Veggies: 3/12/0
    Teaspoon of Butter: 1/1/7
    Almonds: 6/5/15

    Meal 5 (Post-Workout):
    2 Scoops Whey: 40/4/2
    Egg Beaters: 25/0/4

    Meal 6:
    8oz Chicken w/ Cheese: 45/0/12
    2 Cheese Sticks: 12/1/12

    Meal 7 (Right before bed):
    1 Cup of Cottage Cheese: 30/8/5

    Carb Load days will be the same as above except will add oats to protein powder, add about 10 slices of whole grain bread in through out the day and cereal in the mornings. Will also remove all cheeses and almonds.

    How does this look?

  2. food selection looks fine with the exception of the mixed veggies, not sure how much fiber they contain. But you should get into ketosis with those foods. Just kep carbs to a bare minimum when first starting out and skip the firsty carb load and just stay in keto for 2 weeks to ensure a metabolic shift. I am not sure about ckd but getting into ketosis is fairly easy, high portein and fat with low carbs. Rule of thumb is to not pass 30g carb but every person is different some can handle more and some can't. Go to walmart and get some keto strips to check yourself and make sure your on the right track. Good luck to ya!
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

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