I need expert advise

  1. I need expert advise

    Hey guys I am going to start a CKD on an ECA stack. I would like to know if I was to do 5 or 6 meals cardio first thing in the am how would a typical ckd look like for someone who is 6'1 and about 260. I have a bog frame bulky rather so I am trying to cut fat asap. I just don't understand what a typical diet regime would look like can someone please help me. I am shoot ing for 5 meals unless someone says 6 is a better option but if I do 6 I am affraid of going over the calorie deficit. I can train my ass off on cardio im not slow for a big fella lol. Its just I am skepital for my CKD and I am excited to get on it asap! Someone plz help! Do keep in mind I am also on an ECA stack Bronkaid lipo-6 white willow stack. Thanx guys!

  2. Take your caloric intake from a normal diet.

    Fat: 60-70 percent
    Protein: 40-30 percent
    Carbs: 20-30 a day on low carb days

    3-5 meals a day is fine on this diet. On carb load days you limit fat intake and can pretty much binge on carbs. It takes some experimentation to see how many carbs on the carb load will be efficient for you.

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