So, with The One comming out, figured id give a chance at a sweet recomp..which ive never actually tried and commited to before. Ive been working on a lean bulk and put on about 10 pounds in the last 8 weeks.

my stats-

6'1, 21yrs, 215-220 pounds, around 17% BF when i got it checked at the gym.

gonna be going with 6 days on, 1 day off training

now im trying to aim for around 3000-3500 calories a day. heres what im thinking..

breakfast- banana, 2 slices wheat toast
1 egg couple scoops egg whites ( get my breakfast made downstairs at work so im not sure how many scoops but its usualy a huge omelete).
usually i try to get chicken in the omlete but if theres none i get a small amount of sausage or bacon with green peppers, broccoli. they throw some EVOO in there for me.

bout hour later 1 scoop natures research strawberry bannana (<--bomb) protein with 8 oz 1 1/2 milk, and a bannana

lunch- grilled chicken with franks red hot, 1/4 cup fat free cheddar cheese, lettuce, and pickles on a wheat wrap

tuna fish sangy on wheat bread

pre-workout- kinda stuck here. i really dont like oats but maybe theres a way i can fix em up so i have some carbs preworkout?

post-workout- 2 scoops protein, 12 oz skim milk

dinner- chicken, steak or ground turkey..usually a big serving with either broccoli or green beans.

before bed- prob throw in caseine protein or just a regular scoop of the stuff i got.

now im looking for about 250-300g protein, 150-200g carbs, and moderate healthy fat intake. I know I can snack on some almonds to raise the fat intake. Anyone care to offer advice on modifying, changing things around? much oblidged