1. Swimming?

    Anyone swim for cutting? I'm thinking about starting in a few months... not sure how much to do. I'm thinking about doing it either
    1) in the morning
    2) post workout (sometime post workout later in the day).

    not really sure yet... any ideas?

  2. Swimming is perfect for cutting and is excellent cardio..

    I would swim post-workout mostly for the refreshing water lol but i'm sure it'd be cool to do in the morning. Ever seen mike phelps? sitting at around 6% lol from just swimming..

    I would get in the lap pool and swim about five down and backs (depending on fitness) then add another each week.

  3. I love swimming and do all the time. If you have the time. Swim in time then swim in the morning and lift in the afternoon otherwise swimming post workout is fine. Just don't swim before lifting. You can, but you won't be able to push through lifts as well just like running before lifting.
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  4. YeaH i may swim in the mornings and workout at night... (school pool has a weird schedule)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Aggravated View Post
    6% ???
    Now you know as well as I do that that is not a very good picture lol

    I've seen pictures that look like if two of his fat cells saw each other they'd be shocked.. =)

    and besides, I was exaggerating


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