DCP stacked with Leviathan

  1. DCP stacked with Leviathan

    OK i was thinking about starting DCP stacked with Leviathan. I workout practically every day and i have started eating healthier. i am 19 and 5'10" and weigh about 200 lbs. i wanna cut some of the weight but i wanna keep my muscle. Is this good for that? If not i appreciate any suggestions. Also would DCP stacked with Leviathan cause and side effects?

  2. I'd suggest getting the diet clean before adding in something to boost the metabolism. Also, you say you work out everyday, but could you give an example of a weeks worth of workouts? I'd like to get an idea what you're actually doing. Working out to some people is much different to others.

    Since you're only 19, I think if you tightened up the diet first for a few months (3-6) and then still didn't see what you wanted, you could add in the stack.

  3. DCP/ Levi should cause no sides but how is your diet? Training etc..

    What are your goals, you should be young enough to put on quality muscle just from eating right and lifting right.

  4. I'm 19 aswella nd I just ordered leviathan, shoulda grabbed DCP though damnit, reviews are much better for fat loss

  5. gotta know what your workouts look like to help you and the reviews ive read is that this stack helps promote lean mass to stay on and sometimes build new lean mass, if your diet is in check and workouts are in check, diet and nutrition come first then your workouts then you can supps in

  6. check my history, I created a simlar thread, sorry i cant link.

    some useful info in the thread. Ive pretty much been bulking my entire life, so now that im cutting and should be getting my supplements this week, im hoping to lost alot of fat and look better.
    ill keep you updated on how leviathan and dcp work for me if you'd like.



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