Velocity Diet! I Think I am going to do it!

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  1. Thats what I am trying to do... then I will revamp using my havoc stack... so hopefully that will continue the fat loss process...

    BF% 23%
    Weight 296
    Height 6'5"

    I will get some measurements tomm...

  2. Welp, first day is under my belt...

    I am getting hunger headaches as I type.

    My measurements are:
    Arm (unflexed) upper- 17in
    Leg (Unflexed) upper- 29in
    Chest- 48
    Lovehandles- 43

  3. 1. i'm thinking about running this too man, you got this, stay in there.
    2. Are lean and fit shakes the best tasting blend you've found for this diet? Because I'm trying to find something I actually enjoy, maybe make some sludge instead of shakes for some of the meals.

  4. they arent bad... the first two I used a blender and they frothed up like a motha and it was hard to swallow... after that I just used a hand held blender thing and it made them nice and smoothe, actually wasnt bad...

  5. Subbed.

  6. how many mg's of flax seed/ fish oil are you taking per day?

  7. I am taking 12 fishoil pills and 12 flaxseed oil pills... fish oil are 500mg each...

    Day 2 down, easier than yesterday...

    Weight as of 2 minutes ago: 283lbs... as of this morning I lost an inch off of everything... A lot of water I am sure

  8. Weight as of 11am... 280lbs...measurements this morning are all the same.

    Once I get to 265-270 I am done, and will start the transition phase where I plan to stay the same or maybe even loose a couple more

  9. I am off work this week and next week. I think I'll give this V-diet a try for 2 weeks... I wonder how much fat I'll drop...

  10. Hey man, update on your status? I'm thinking about running this starting January 7th(when I get back to school and away from home cooked meals). Since I just had surgery and haven't worked out(allowed to start again in a week, total of 2 weeks) I'm going to see how my max stats are for 1 week, then I'll run the diet. I'm not way up in bodyfat, but I definitely have put on more fat than could have been avoided.

    I want to run it not only for fat loss, but for discipline as well. I want to challenge myself, as well as maybe kick some bad habits I got back into down at home. I'll watch this thread closely and start my log in a couple weeks. Good luck.

  11. I'm interested in an update too


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