CKD HELP Plateaued like hell

  1. CKD HELP Plateaued like hell

    Started cutting in july and so far I have lost anywhere from 35-40. Most of it has been on a ckd which seems to have stopped working. my goal is 210 or so and therefore have been keeping my calories at 2100/day. All carbs monday-friday afternoon have been trace other than leafy greens though I never really go over 20-30 /day. Most of my fats have been clean (i.e. olive oil, coconut oil, egg yolk) other than cheese. Calories are tracked daily on fitday and my macronutrient ratio is 70/25/5 f/p/c on sunday and monday, 60/35/5 f/p/c tuesday-friday afternoon. I have been no lower than 218 for the last 3 weeks and have grown increasingly frustrated everyday.

    As far as workouts go:

    Monday: Chest/Tris/Shoulders
    Tuesday: Back/Bi's/Legs
    Friday: Full body (pre-carb up)

    I love to do cardio which might be one downfall as I do daily cardio. I typically split cardio between jogging(30 mins), mountain biking (45mins), and raquetball (120-150 mins). A heart rate monitor is worn at all time and is usually around 160 for jogging and raquetball and 130 mountain biking.

    Any ideas?

  2. Sounds like too much cardio to me. After that cardio and working out you've probably burned 1500 calories.

  3. So by burning 1500 cals a day a so the result would be a net weight loss of next to nothing for 3 weeks. Why would that be? That being said would I therefore continue to lose if I increase cal. intake?

  4. When your losing too much weight your body senses famine, regardless of what your intention is the body is all about self preservation, in which case it lowers your metabolism to preserve itself.

  5. Ya, I would really up your cals. Start with 300-400, then slowly up it and see when you start making more progress.

    Doing too much cardio ends up being counterproductive if you aren't also upping your cals

  6. How are your carb loads looking?

  7. carb up day I usually dont track cals though protein and fat are kept within reason and I usually have about 150 friday afternoon/night and ~ 300 on saturday. workout energy is solid as is recovery.

  8. 1. Do you have any injuries?
    2. If not replace jogging on non training days with HIIT training, 15-20 minutes.
    3. Have variation in your calorie intake. Monday and Friday intake remain at 2100, Thursday is 1900, Tuesday 1800, Wednesday 2500.
    4. Shift fat intake, move 5 percent of that total calorie intake over to protein and see what changes come.
    5. Increase water intake and consume water in 500 ml (1/7th gallon) intake AT least when you do drink water. Studies have shown that intaking of 500 ml of water can increase metabolism when drank at one time.
    6. Measure body fat to see if you are losing any body fat while maintaining weight.
    7. Do a week or two of maintenance or bulking to restart metabolism.

  9. take a week off just maintain weight then go back into it.
    like said above substitute your cardio with hiit on off days.
    And drink green tea it helps.


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