Cutting - 12 X Bodyweight?????

  1. Cutting - 12 X Bodyweight?????

    I've heard alot of conflicting information about how many calories to eat when cutting. How many people use 12X there bodyweight. What do you use?

  2. I use anywhere from 60-75% of my maintenance cals when cutting.

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    You can use this to figure out your BMR, then cut cals as necessary.

    Originally posted by YellowJacket
    This was originally posted over at, but I like you guys so much and BDC is my homeboy that I thought I'd share my epiphany with you men as well...
    Ok fellas, seeing a lot of bulking threads and gaining weight threads starting up for this fall/winter which is not a bad idea to start bulking so you can cut and be real pretty before summer....Here's some info.

    1 pounds = 3500 calories.
    To gain weight, you have to figure you Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) To do this:

    Take your height in INCHES then convert it to CM(2.54 CMs per Inch), write that down. Then take your weight in LBS and convert it to KGs (divide your weight by 2.2)
    Next go with the Harris-Benedict Formula:
    66 + (13.7 X WT) + (5 X HT) - (6.8 X A) =
    WT= Weight
    HT = Height
    A = Age
    After plugging in that formula, circle that number. Next choose your activity factor:
    Sedentary- ( little to no exercise) X .3
    Moderate - (what most of us probably are) X .5
    Heavy - (Extreme trainers, quite rare) X.75

    -Take the number you circled multiply that by either .3, .5 or .75 depending on what your activity factor is. Like I said most of us are probably moderate, you guys who've been trainig for 5+ years pretty hard and combine cardio with weight training are more than likely Heavy, but be honest with yourself, this is for you, not your friends and people you wish to impress.

    * Last step- Thermic food effect. Take your orginial BMR(the # you circled) add it to the new number(BMR + activity factor) and multiply that .10. Equation looks like this: (BMR + AF) X .10
    ***This Thermic food effect # must be ADDED to your BMR + Activity Factor!
    *This final number if the total amount of calories you need to MAINTAIN YOUR CURRENT BODYWEIGHT!
    Now like I said, each pound is made of 3500 cals. So to gain one pound, you'll have to take that BMR # and add 3500 and thats how many calories you have to eat in 1 day to gain 1 pound in a day. Thats pretty tough Im sure for most of you. So here's what to do, Multiply your BMR X 7 and thats how many cals you have to eat in one week to maintain. Next, try to eat a few extra cals a day until by the last day of the week you're over 3500 over that BMR #, and you've done it. Simple once you get the hang out it.

    Things to remember:
    Calories per gram of Protein- 4
    Calories per gram of carbs- 4
    Calories per gram of fat- 9

    * Yes, im sorry but you will have to keep track of your caloric intake, but if you're serious and dedicated enough you either already do this or will start.
    * Good bulking supplement:
    N-Large 2 ( A high calorie gainer, if you must)
    Dessicated Liver Tabs
    Flax oil.
    *These in my opinion are the only things you need and you really dont need any of them, because food is the most important item when bulking, thats where you're going to have to get most of your cals when trying to hit 3500 over your BMR.
    **Important- This same formula can be used to make losing weight naturally easy also. Take your FINAL answer multiply it by 7 to get the number of cals. to maintain your weight in a weeks time, subtract 3500 from that number, and thats how you drop 1 pound each week. Remember to keep your body healthy and dont decide you're gonna starve yourself so you can lose 5lbs in a week, not a good idea. Also there is a formula for women, if you would like it here it is:
    655 + (9.6)(WT) + (1.7)(HT)- (4.7)(Age).
    Everything else is the same as males.

    **EDIT! Forgot to include something, Im a huge advocate of light to moderate cardio while bulking, your heart is the most important muscle in the body, why not train it consistantly. If you choose to do no cardio, you probably dont want to consume all 500 calories in excess each day, because no cardio means less fuel burning and 3500 calories = 1 gram of fat. So I suggest eating 500 cals over and light cardio twice a week, but if you choose no cardio (which is fine) cut that caloric excess down to around 250-300.

  4. I normally subtract 20% from my maintenance when I'm cutting and 20% above when I'm bulking

  5. I thought carbs have 7 calories per gram.

  6. Originally posted by pharaohf4
    I thought carbs have 7 calories per gram.

  7. Scotty2...your right. 7 calories is for alcohol. I was having flashbacks from Nutrition 101. I got a C, can't you tell.
  8. dainbramaged
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    I thought 1lb of FAT equals 3500 calories. 1lb of MUSCLE is like 2700 but the synthesis needs even higher calories in order to take place. I read something on this a while ago, so I could be off...?


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