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  2. i've been on it for only 3 days so cant say much... but first impressions are; Red pills: dont feeel as hungry all the time, and im not hanging out 2 eat my food. Usuaully i hav my eye on the clock all the time waiting 4 my next meal, but havnt the last 3 days. Black pills: pretty awesome sleep with some whacked out but good dreams. Woke up the last 3 days 30 minutes be4 my alarm goes off at 6;50 and felt really really good, fresh and ready 2 go.

    so after 3 days i think they r doing a great job....

  3. on my second bottle of REDuction...its good stuff

    i am getting good results.... i think its one of the top cutters out...

    i wanna stack it with DCP and see what happens

  4. Quote Originally Posted by patoff
    Hi guys,

    I ordered 3 boxes of REDuction when it came out. I love Controlled Labs products! Here is my review after one box (30 days).

    Starting Weight: 154 at 13.5% bf.
    Ending Weight: 149 at 11% bf

    During this month, I didn't changed anything in my diet. 40-40-20 for 2300 calories per day. I've been following this diet since beginning of January. I was also doing 30-35 minutes of cardio everyday. I didn't hit the gym a single time during this month since I am starting to rehab from a shoulder dislocation. Can't wait to start to train again, I want to start a clean bulk really soon. I still have a belly and some love handles, but I don't look fat with a shirt. In one year I went from 210 lbs to 150 lbs.

    AM Portion

    I love those pills. Great boost of energy and no energy crash during the day.

    Overall: 9/10

    PM Portion

    I really like those pills also. Usually I take them at 9h45, then take my casein shake at 10h30. It happens a 3-4 times where I felt asleep after taking my pills but before taking my shake. If you let the pills on your tongue for too long, it will become black

    Overall 9/10

    Will I bought this again? SURE! I had good results with RED acid, but this is better. Another great product from Controlled Labs.

    Now I can't wait to be able to train again, I want to clean bulk until december, then cut until I go to Florida in late February. I want to be able to walk on the beach shirtless and feel fine :-)
    Best product on the market

    I have been using REDuction for 20 days and can honestly say that its effects are phenominal. Since I have started I have lost 7 lbs and 2% body fat; none of which are in muscle as my maxes have not diminished in the least. In fact, my maxes have increased since beginning.

    The dosing is simple, 2 when you wake up and 2 before you goto bed. They are pill form and are a great convenience not to have to mix it. Surprisingly the pills have a taste to them thats almost like a diluted cough drop taste. Because this is a non-caffeine based product I don't get the jitters during the day and there is absolutely no crash. The greatest thing about this product is the appetite supression: right off the bat I dropped from 3k+ cals a day to 1k a day without being hungry.

    I have a meso/endo type body so i've also tried to be a little leaner and have experimented with several different fat burners such as Boiling Point, Thermotabs, and Red Line and can honestly say that this is the most effective one with the least amount of side-effects.

    If ever there was a person in doubt of which fat burner to take I would strongly encourage Controlled Labs: REDuction to take care of the job. And a great thing about Controlled Labs products is you can stack it with any of their great products for great effects. I know this for fact as I have used all but 3 of the Controlled Labs product.
    -What greater time to try the last 3 than to win 'em?

    So REDuction

    After finishing a 1 month cycle of Recreate from USPlabs ( did a review ) i decided to try out REDuction from Controlled Labs and i'm glad i did it!here are my thoughts on it:
    A.M. pills : very good clean energy , long lasting , no jittery feelings whatsoever . made me sweat real good during my workouts and helped me control food cravings during my cut....good stuff!
    P.M. pills : took my 2 black pills ( taste good......raspberries ? ) half an hour before goin' to bed and within 10-15m i was at sleep . also i had some really wild ( in a good way ) dreams.....nice! i usually don't sleep more than 6-7 hours but the black pills made me fell like i slept for like 8-9 ! wakin' up was nice like when you have slept real good!
    Final conclusions : REDuction is in my opinion a good solid fat burner , it won't make your hearth race , it gives good energy during the day and make you sleep ( and burn fat ) good at night , what more can you ask for? on another note i received yesterday my Purple Wraath ..... 90 workouts with a lemonade flavour.......can't beat that!!!
    REDuction Acclaim Thread

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