maca powder in diet.

  1. maca powder in diet.

    i am on a low glycemic diet and am wondering if 4500mg of maca powder will hurt my progress ? thanks for any info.

  2. I believe maca root is similar to sweet potatos so I would assume the GI would be low.

    Maca is definately one of my favorite supps for boosting libido. If cost is not prohibitive, I'd recommend going up to 10g daily. Do you have an extract or the raw powder?

  3. maca powder in capsules. i take 9 a day around 4500mg. i tried just powder but couldn't handle the taste.

  4. NOW's Maca caps are very cheap, I think they're like 8 bucks.

  5. I agree, maca powder is foul tasting. What helps me get down bulk powders is parachuting. You take a piece of tissue, put in the powder twist it up, and swallow with water. Also, the capsules should be fine in terms of GI.



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