holy pslin!

  1. holy pslin!

    Just took pslin prewo and powo w/a shake

    I feel like I'm on drugs. I'm just sitting here in front of the computer buzzing around like a fly on crack. This stuff is tha shizzle!

  2. Not enough carbs... You shouldn't be "buzzing". Sounds like you're going hypo to me

  3. Explain how you took this product exactly. P-Slin requires around 100g of carbohydrate, each dose. Some will dump the powder out of the capsule into a drink and sip it throughout your training but, i would not advise two full doses that close together.
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  4. i dont think its supposed to give you energy and make you buzz around...

  5. oh well...worked for training. lesson learned. guess I didn't take it with enough cho...



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