test base vs. test prop

  1. test base vs. test prop

    hey guys, im new to the board and new to transdermals, but i have a question that i couldnt seem to answer through reading. What is the difference between using test prop from syno vs. using the test base from syno? sorry if this has been answered before, i cant seem to find it!! thanks

  2. Test prop has an ester attached this is why it is test prop, because it has a propionate ester on it that increases the half life of the drug to 1-2 days and the size of the molecule. Test base (also Tne test no ester) has a much shorter half life 12hrs or so and is a smaller molecule. The smaller molecule is much easier to use in a transdermal setting because it goes through the skin much more efficiently. For injecting most prefer the prop because they can inject EOD and it is generally less painful that Tne suspension in water.

    Test prop in oil http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/cattestp.htm

    Test suspension (test no ester, test base) in water http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/cattests.htm

  3. Id say test base has a shorter half life than 12 hours, ESPECIALLY if delivered by means other than subcutaneous injection (with the use of HPBCD) or transdermal.

    Test base half life, I've heard is up to 100 minutes at the most.

  4. so would that mean you would need to apply it more often than twice a day if you were to do transdermal??

  5. In a transdermal everythings halflife is approximately 12 hours NOT based on the half life of the chem but instead based on the penetration through the skin. It is time released through the skin a little at a time for 12 hours.



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