test transdermal from liquid?

  1. test transdermal from liquid?

    i cant inject...so

    i have a bunch of tren/test left

    could i theoretically in any way (instead of trashing it) make a transdermal that i could use to kick start or utilize along in a pheraplex cycle??

    I am 6'5, 230lbs, 8% BF...

    Lets say i added 1 bottle of prop 10ml at 100mg/ml into a Already made Transport Matrix Spray, or 2 bottles, or plus a tren, or a test eth at 250mg/ml.... what do you think?

    Then what kind of absorption could i expect though... like if 2g of prop are in a bottle, lets say i want 100mg absorbed into my body, would i have to use 2x 3x 4x as much?? Like if i want 100mg in my body would i have to use the equivalent of 200mg/prop in the spray or what?

    COULD I DO THIS? 1 person told me you need powder put if i put this in and dissolve it in the matrix whats the difference?

  2. You need base powders for transdermal mixes, the esters would have affect the absorption

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