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  1. T-gel Help

    I just mixed my first batch of base with t-gel and i thought everything was dissolved until my second application i realized i was rubbing some unsettled white grain powders on my body.

    I look inside the bottle and saw some unsettled powders.
    Is this going to screw up my concentration?

    anybody have the same experience?
    Any suggestion as to solve the problem?

  2. what kind of base was it dvbody?

    Heat, shake and repeat. Perhaps adding a bearing into the mix and shaking it vigoruously might help as well. I have never had test base to ever completely get into solution completely, the first few apps usually has some gritty powder on it but after that its smoothe sailing.

  3. it was test base.

    Well if some does not dissolve, will it effect my concentration?

    I also notice one thing: when i opened up the the bottle, there's a sting like effect, my eye was sensitive to it.

    Now is this from the t-gel itself or the test base that was mix with the t-gel?

  4. I just mixed some yesterday and have a small amount of grit as well. It will not effect the concentration of your dose as long there are no huge chuncks and you shake it very well before each application. Make a serious effort to rub it in a lot until your skin is dry. Then, if you like, re-apply some active-free T-gel if you have some on hand.

  5. What concentration were you mixing it at? Possibly, you may need to have less active in your T-gel.

  6. Hey bro, next you may find it easier if you mix in 3-4 gram increments. First time I dumped 10 grams and I had a hell of a time shaking and heating that sucker !

  7. thanx guys for the help.

    What did u guys use to heat it up?
    i tried heating it up and the bottle almost melt on me.

    I didnt have a beaker so, decided to put it into a glass to place it in a boiling water and the **** broke on me. So now i have to re-order a new t-gel. I guess it was a stupid idea to use a regular glassware lol.

    Before i make another mistake and wasting some more powders.

    Any suggestions will be very helpful here.

    I was doing what ironwarrior was doing, putting about 2-3 grams but there's some white grain powders left over.

    But from u guys responses, it seems like a typical t-gel thing.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    Hey bro, next you may find it easier if you mix in 3-4 gram increments. First time I dumped 10 grams and I had a hell of a time shaking and heating that sucker !
    Haha yeah same here. That was a big mistake (although I was using Penetrate instead of T-Gel). Heat it up using a hot water bath. Its not just a T-Gel thing (clumping), its just part of the territory bro. I would recommend T-Gel, its my fav by far.

    What I would do is take your test base powder and chop it up real fine with a razor blade or credit card. Mix it slowly (2-3g at a time, its not going anywhere). Heat the solution in a hot bath, don't cook it, it just needs to be warm. I wouldn't go over 10g in the T-Gel, this will help cut down on the amount of grainy material in it. Good luck and shake the hell out of it.

  9. I am leaning more toward a typical test thing. From my experience the test I have (not homebrew conversion) is a fine, hard, brittle, particle powder. I have an other powder that was more of a talc like powder. The talc powder went into solution @100mg/ml without a trace of grit. Using the very same process, the test was put in @100mg/ml and the majority is disolved, but there is a bit of grit. The test (or any powder) needs to worked to a talc like consistency. Using a mortar/pestal is the best way, but I am going to experiment today with a large ceramic soup cup and an ice cream scoop. I believe I will find that I can pulverize the test to a talc.

    So in summary, IMO, it is not the T-Gel or the concentration but rather the consistency of the powder. JMHO.

    BTW...try a small, long necked ketchup bottle next time

  10. Maybe one day someone will try the mortar and pestal method to see if 100mg/ML concentration will be feasible. It may also end up that over time, the hard particles will soften and dissolve.....time will tell. This is interesting info so keep the experiences coming.

  11. talc like huh, ok that sounds like it might work. I'll give it a try.

    So from ur suggestion it doesn't have to be boiling water just a hot bath will do. ok i'll do that.

    i'll give it one more try before i throw the towel and go with phlogel lol.

    lets hope this time it works.

  12. boil the water, bring it down to low heat or very low simmer, drop bottle in and let heat/warm. shake severely and often (not yourself, the bottle) and continue to heat and repeat

  13. Whats max concentration of T-gel. I think adding DMSo might help. Im thinking about mixing a batch, which prevent this problem, cause you can control concentration of the solvent. But i always hombres my T-gel. Im thinking to penetrate, maybe its not a good idea?!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    Hey bro, next you may find it easier if you mix in 3-4 gram increments. First time I dumped 10 grams and I had a hell of a time shaking and heating that sucker !
    Big bump on that advice! Also, just FYI, DO NOT use a microwave to heat the mixture as it may screw up the hormone.


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