T1 Pro question

  1. T1 Pro question

    Hey guys I have a question about T1 Pro. When on cycle with it what other products do you recommend? I was told you dont have to take a liver protect? I know T1 probably hasnt been brought up in a long time but I'm hoping someone out there remembers the products. Thanks guys

  2. IIRC it is a 1T/4AD transdermal, correct. 1-Test is a steroid. Liver or lipid issues are not a concern with transdermal 1-Test but it is a steroid and needs to be treated as such. It certainly is a very good and somewhat safe first time cycle. Research for 1-Test/4AD cycle logs for feedback.

  3. Yes you are correct if I'm not mistaken its 7.5 grams of Test and I think 3.5 grams of 4AD. Thanks for your reply I will search

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