1. Nandrolone

    *For entertainment purposes only, for I do not have any nor do I know where to get any*

    I have seen guys run test base and boldenone base with some success, but haven't seen many people try Nandrolone base used in a dermal. If you have used either Boldenone base or Nandrolone base, please list your dosage and what carrier you used. Hope to see some interesting results. I would imagine for best results trying to get around 400mg - 500mg a week of the Nandrolone, 500 - 700mg a week of Test base and 500mg a week of Boldenone.

  2. I haven't tried it yet myself...

    but I would hazard to guess that if you grab t-gel or dermabolics transport matrix.. or even Nutraplanets penetrate... you should be able to get at least 30% absorbtion...

    So you would need about 1650mg a week to approximately get 495mg absorbtion. etc.

    I'm not sure which transport matrix is the best though, and I have read if you add 10% dmso to the transport matrix you could increase absorbtion to 40%... But I would think it depends on the transport matrix in question.

    I'm sure someone know better then I though...

  3. I used nandro base in penetrate.
    I also mixed in some 4-ad, 7-oxo and other things

    beside the leaking bottle and the dried sking I feel like i got good absorption and had the gyno and bloat to prove.

    nothing to write home about that stupid cycle.

  4. Oh yeah and I got about 1500mg weekly of nandro, 30% absorption gives you 450mg

  5. Judge-Mental : Do you accredit the Nandro base causing the bloat and gyno, or the 4-ad (what were your 4-ad doses?). I know Jminis has experienced with Boldenone and Test Base with good result. Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you judge. Thanks for the responses thus far, keep em coming!

  6. I ASSume (;-)) that it was the combination of both, allthough it took a miniscule amount of 4ad to do that.I was running about 2:1 nandro to 4ad and if you consider that 4ad converts 1/6 to test, thats not a whole lot, realy just HRT for th nandro shutdown


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