4 week blast: Test P/Anadrol/...Trenazone?

  1. 4 week blast: Test P/Anadrol/...Trenazone?

    I am doing a 4 week blast of Test Prop 125mg/eod with 50mg anadrol/ed. I originally was going to do Test P/Tren Ace but decided against the tren. But what do you all think of adding trenazone to this cycle @ 1ml ed for 4 weeks? Has anyone done this? I have seen maybe 1 log of test cyp with trenazone but the log was not complete, did not include anadrol, and was also 10 weeks.

    Give me your thoughts/opinions AM!

  2. Do it! Just run the right supports with it. Anadrol doesn't have a strong affinity to bind to the AR receptor so it will not be competing with the tren.

    Tren and test might compete for AR binding. I don't know the affinity for trenazone but actual Trenbolone has 5 times affinity to bind the the AR receptor over testosterone. This could lead to waste of testosterone.

    I'm experimenting right now during my cycle with dose timing to see if there is way to mitigate 2 compounds from fighting over the same receptor.

    Food for thought....
    The advice I give is just that... Advice, purely my opinion. Not medical advice

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