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  1. DIO Novladex

    On Avantlabs.com you mentioned that your using Novladex to combat some pre-exsiting gyno. Hows is that working for you? And is it gyno are just chest fat?

  2. It was chest fat that did not look masculine. My doctor diagnosed it as gyno. I thought it worked well, and I might have even got better results if I hadn't stopped using it during a Boldione cycle (stupid reason too). I was using it 20mg/day for several months and then dropped to 10mg before and during the cycle and then up again for a month before finally coming off.

    I think I'm still carrying more fat in my chest than I normally would at this bodyfat level, but I'm not completely sure. At the end of my current diet, I should have a better idea.

    I recommend that anyone with gyno at least give nolva a shot.

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