Phlojel and Dht

  1. Phlojel and Dht


    I am currently looking at alternatives in making a dht based cream like andractim, it seems that the good dht compound to get would be stanolone powder. but it seems quite difficult to come across.

    i was wondering if an alternative to this would be proviron. i already have some available and could use the home brewing technique.

    I must add that im looking at this in order to fight puffy nipples, i already used nolva and letro(1 month at 2.5mg/ed), right now using some raloxifene(60mg/ED) but nothing makes it go away. i'm sure that if i used a very strong dht derivative like winstrol they would go away... so would my hair, which is the main problem. i'm very prone to MPB and use avodart, which blocks nearly all DHT. going off it is not an option since i would shed a lot now even without gear

    If anyone has any advice/solutions it would be very helpful

  2. I would sooner try adding dostinex than proviron or winstrol.
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  3. i tried some regular caber (cabaser) and i didnt do anything. they appeared after a test cycle although i used adex , i am obviously very prone.
    i would take regular dht based compound but im running advodart , so that blocks it , and being MPB prone doesnt arrange anything. i thought of transdermals as a viable solution.
    i would try andractim but its too difficult to come accros...
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