Non-systemic delivery thansdermal, help!

  1. Non-systemic delivery thansdermal, help!

    I am looking for a good transdermal to dissolve minoxidil and spironolactone as well as acetylsalicilic acid, caffeine, tretinoin, retinol-A and thyomucase.

    As i wouldn't want most of these circulating in my blood in significant quantities, i would certainly avoid dmso, oleic acid etc.

    Would a mix of isopropyl alcohol and BA work well? Any suggesrtions?

  2. Heres the problem, you need to figure out if all those compounds are either hydrophylic or lipophylic. Lipophylic compounds by nature, are easier to get through the skin, and need an oily carrier. Hydrophylic compounds are harder to get through and need a water based carrier. Effectively you cannot really combine the two in one formula, but if you were going to do it that way, I would use a formula similar to this.

    40% aloe gel
    10% water
    15% isopropyl alchol
    10% d-limonene
    10% benzyl alchohol (localizing agent)

    I would work with the % of aloe gel, water and menthol when you figure out whether each base is hydro or lipophylic.
    Also, your still going to have some of the actives carried into the bloodstream, it is simply not possible to have a totoal site specific transdermal.
    Hope this helps...

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