tattoos and transdermals?

  1. tattoos and transdermals?

    will tattoos affect the absorbtion of transdermal test?

  2. Quote Originally Posted by james122 View Post
    will tattoos affect the absorbtion of transdermal test? fresh are we talking?

    I've never seemed to have a problem with mine.
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  3. DO NOT rub anything in your tattoo if its fresh [besides unscented lotion]- if its already healed then your all good

  4. agreed. it hasnt had any problems with me
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  5. thanks for the quick replies, no I have not been tattooed for over ten years, so.. .. not very fresh, but i am heavily tattooed and i thought it might be a problem, but i will proceed thank you.

  6. I'm a career Tattooer, and quite suited up. Used the old transdermal 4-ad spray back in the day and made my own until a few years ago and found that It worked just fine.
    I will say that adding too much isopropyl myristate to the homemade transdermal carrier caused the outlines of my sleeves to rise a bit for some reason. Needless to say, I made adjustments to my transdermal solution. Good Luck!
    Mr. Blues


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