aternative to penetrate?

  1. aternative to penetrate?

    ive just aquired some test base powder and want to use it as a transdermal.

    Now ive seen a few premade 100mg/ml gels (trendflow, dermo-test 100 etc) but cant seem to find these from a genuine seller for love nor money.

    If i wanted to replicate the same strength using the powder i had, is there an alternative to penetrate i can use that can handle that ratio? As penetrate tops out at 26mg/ml approx doesnt it?

  2. I bought 2 bottles and used a low dose of test. Not really sure what range your looking for weekly though. If you use 5g in one bottle that is 21mg of test per ml. 5ml am and 5ml pm will yield about 515mg of test at a 35% absorption rate per week. 2 bottles will last about 6 weeks 515mg of test base is just that 515mg of test there is no ester to worry about so its more like taking in over 600mg of say test e or c per week. I used about 250mg per week while using primobolan and i loved it. it kept my libido sky high and you just feel good a few minutes after using the test.

    I switched to injecting because i ran out of the transdermal (i like to run low dose long cycles) and i can honestly say i liked the transdermal better. I just felt better while on it. if you use it for only 6 weeks no HCG is necessary any more than that and you will need some if you want recovery to be smooth and to maintain your natty test levels throughout the cycle. I would throw an AI in there and add 50mg of proviron to free up any bound test.

  3. that doesnt sound too bad actually. The new bottles are 1.8ml per pump art they? So 2.5-3 pumps should be suffucient?

    How long roughly does it take to fully absorb? As obviously i want the maximum amount of hormone in me but dont want to risk cross contamination etc

  4. i actually don't use the pump it has a cap that clicks open pour out 5ml which is 1tsp. then rub it on your body. Dries in about 10 min. Don't have sex until like 3 or 4 hrs after it dries just to be on the safe side. should take about 6-8 hrs to fully absorb into the skin.

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