First home made trans ever please help me out

  1. First home made trans ever please help me out

    So i would like to make a transdermal using

    vit a,c,e for skin health
    citrulline malate for muscular endurance
    yohimbe hcl for definition/fat loss
    sesamine for fat loss
    and a possible anabolic toss in

    what recomendations to how i would do this do you have?

    should i use 90% DMSO and dilute it?

    any suggestions are welcomed

  2. Better check the molecular weight of each of those first. I don't think sesamine will work at all, or vitamin E. Yohimbine will. I really don't see the point in what you are trying to do. Taking most of those orally is going to be far more efficient. The only ingrediant that makes sense is yohimbine, but in DMSO it would go systemic, so you may as well take that orally too.

  3. I am entirely new to this so bare with me here. Wouldnt the direct exposure allow for better absorption. I am talking about the citrulline malate by the way. This is the main point of the formula, idc about the other things. And sesamine etc does work previous companies have placed these in transdermals just not the malate (which is what im looking for). A great endurance transdermal.

    oh and citrulline is 175 daltons so it does work

  4. one more question since im EXTREMLY new to this, are those too many compounds and if so couldnt i make several batches

    since from what i have heard the most a compound can hold is 700 daltons

    molecular weight

    vitamin a- 286.4564

    so i could break that down to 2/3 bottles

  5. I still say that you are going to be far better off taking these orally and getting 100% use of them. In a transdermal, IF they will work, you are only going to get 30-35% under optimal conditions.

    Yohimbine is good for spot reduction in a transdermal, but only with specific carriers that don't go systemic. DMSO and Penetrate both are systemic carriers.

    I don't think that "oil based" ingredients like vitamin E and sesamine will work, but you seem to have more info on that than I do. I've made quite a few transdermals over the last couple of years, and tried a couple of oddball things with them, but again, your ingredients list is just better to take orally. Not tryin to knock ya for tryin, but you did ask for recommendations.

  6. not taking this negative at all, thank you for the info i guess ill just buy these for oral consumption.


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