Best jump rope

  1. Best jump rope

    Well my old golds gym speed rope bit the dust so I was thinking of getting a relatively high quality rope. I found the Buddy Lee aero speed rope but it is 40 bucks.. and his others are around 27 Has anyone used one of these or another one that is really fast I really like doing double unders and things like that... Well I guess it doesn't really matter I just bought it anyway.. but I would like to here your opinions on it.

  2. yea i have a rope from everlast...was like $9 or sumin..but now do to inflationa and gas prices (bought it in 2004) probably around $109 now? lol

  3. well, i got my 40 buck jump rope and to put it in a word it is awesome!

  4. Yeah, Buddy Lee jump ropes are sweet. I had one for about two years, used it every day for awhile there. It just bit the dust a couple of onths ago.

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