Torn/Pulled Quadricep - Help!

  1. Torn/Pulled Quadricep - Help!

    Hey guys, I have a question for any of you who have experianced a torn/pulled quadricep - mainly in the rectus femoris, but it goes all the way into my inner thigh. I noticed the pain last night when I was getting out of a bubble bath, but today I was starting my first set of lunges and almost fell over from the pain - and since then I can't lift my leg without being in intense pain. I've iced it and wraped it up (the compression seems to take some of the pain away). My question first of all is, how long should this take the heal? I've never pulled a muscle this badly before, so I don't want to overdo anything - but I still need to exercise and I was wondering what I could do to burn calories without using my legs (I tried to do abs and even doing sit ups hurt like hell). I guess I can still lift and do upper body, but what's a good way to get a good calorie burn without being about to do legs/cardio? Thanks guys!


  2. It would be hard for anyone to tell you how long it will take for this injury to heal. It depends on the severity of the injury and pain involved. I have never had problems with my quads before but have had hamstring pulls where it was bad enough that bruising occured. Unfortunately, I wasn't smart enough to keep off of it and the rehab process took about twice as long as it should have. General rule of thumb is around six weeks before you are able to go full strength again. You can still do lower body exercises where you isolate the other leg such as leg extensions, leg curls and maybe even the hip sled as long as it doesn't aggravate the injury further. This will help keep atrophy at a minmum. Don't do any stretching exercises with that leg because it will only do more harm. Good luck and be patient.

  3. You need to talk to a licenced physical therapist before you start taking other people's advice on exercising with an injury.

    Take care..

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