hardgainer starting stronglifts 5x5 program -fitting in kickboxing classes?

  1. hardgainer starting stronglifts 5x5 program -fitting in kickboxing classes?

    hey guys,

    Im a 22yo male, 130lbs. Played soccer for a long time so decently toned. Ive picked the stronglifts 5x5 program to bulk up and because its pretty easy to follow for a new guy.
    The thing is I just started a Muay thai kickboxing class and its 3 times a week for 2 hrs and its pretty intense full body. The class is MWF i was wondering how to fit in the workout, if i did my workout tues thurs sat woluld that not be enough rest and would my bulking not work out as well?? or should i go to the gym right before or after the kickboxing class?
    thanks in advance for any advice

  2. Muay Thai rocks, Did it for two years before my back put me out of commission.

    Anyways, it's going to be extremely difficult to bulk up while doing the Muay Thai classes. You seem like an ecto from your stats so your going to have to eat like a horse to put on mass anyways.

    You could try just doing the workout twice a week; maybe just Thurs and Sat. When you are at the MT class, try sipping on a mix of protein, simple carbs, and maybe some EAA. This will help stave off muscle catabolism (muscle loss) during the intense work-out. During the week, I'd recommend getting a solid meal in every two to three hours. If you need anymore advice, try posting in the "bulking" section.:bruce1:

  3. thnx rhyno ill repost in that section

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