Heavy days

  1. Question Heavy days

    just wondering what the majority fo you do for heavy days exmple on chest how many reps, sets and excercises do u do for this muscle...thank you and stay brolic

  2. well i get the good juices flowin on the bike for 7 mins (before every w/o) and on a heavy day for bench ill do a set of 10 somethin very light just to get some blood in the chest
    then its 5x5, it has been for about 4 or so weeks and wil lbe for 2 more...
    then ima go back to 3x10 and see the gains i have gotten over the past 6 weeks doin 5x5...
    sometimes ill do a 10-8-6-4-4 or somethin along those lines but that wont be for a few weeks yet

    the 5x5 does me good
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  3. and some exercises are:
    Flat Bench (more often D-bell than barbell)
    Incline Bench (d-bell 80% of the time)
    incline and flat d-bell flys (normally dont do cables on heavy days, unless its cross overs)
    sometimes i do seated chest press and neg on the way down
    CURRENT 2014 Log http://anabolicminds.com/forum/old-school-hormone/252748-cherry-poppin-test.html

  4. I warm up then, do 3 sets 4 - 5 reps all to failure. When I say failure some think that the last one was hard but they still got it. Thats not failure, failure is when your fighting the weight up for 8 - 10 seconds. Thats failure.

  5. on truly heavy days i will do one set to failure when lifting raw. My log is posted here.

  6. sweeeet thanks guys helps me alot


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