Reducing fat around chest...?

  1. Reducing fat around chest...?

    My chest is probably the strongest part of my body, maybe behind legs but I used to be really chubby in high school and even after I got skinny, the flabbyness/blubber kinda carried itself over. How can I reduce the fat on my chest?

    I'm running at least twice a week, and trying to cut down on carbs as much as possible.

    when I hit chest in the gym, its always 5x5 heavy bench, then 3x8 close grip.

  2. Well, you cannot spot reduce by doing chest exercises, so you have two options. First, is to lower your total bodyfat to the point where you see a reduction in your chest fat. This can be done with a proper diet and training program. Your second option, is using a topical fat-loss product such as napalm or lipoderm-y. I'd do this if your bodyfat is already in the low range, say 10-12%. You'd still have to diet, but if chest fat is one of your "stubborn" areas that never seems to slim down, then this would be a good bet.

  3. I can say when i was in high school i used to be fatter also, and i know when i was running 12-15 miles a week consistently on the treadmill it really helped my chest out. Heavy bench press never did anything until i started loosing weight. And i'm benching about 300 max right now. So just up the cardio and you'll see the chest become more defined. Because like stated before, you can't just spot reduce.

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