Pullovers for chest

  1. Pullovers for chest

    I've read and heard it's a good exercise to throw in for chest. I've been doing them on and off for about 2 years but I never truly feel my chest being worked.

    The way I do them is the same way I was taught, basically laying with head and shoulder blades perpendicular to the bench so laying over the side of the bench as apposed to laying on top of the bench as if doing presses. Any insight?

  2. The position of the elbow shifts the emphasis; if they're flard, then it is more for chest. Elbows tucked in and pointing towards the ceiling hits the lats/serratus
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. I'll pay more attention to the positioning of my elbows. I feel my triceps getting a lot of the load, more so than any chest work out. Is this normal or is there something i'm possibly doing wrong here?

  4. Do you work your chest solo or with other muscles?
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. Solo, pullovers is usually the 3rd workout.

  6. I do these pullovers too and agree it hits the tris more than chest. I dunno maybe I'm doing them wrong.

  7. consider practicing with lighter weight to get a feel for it...it is a more advanced exercise! when i started doing them i only used 40's due to the fact i was going to heavy creating pain in my shoulders. training chest after back also helps.

  8. Straight arm pullovers and pullovers with a bent elbow are different exercises. With straight arms lats are worked more than pecs. If you are only trying to hit the chest this may not be the exercise that you need. With bent arms it shifts the stress to the arms.

    Depending on your level of experience, training chest and back on the same day might get better results than spliting them up.


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