Wrist pain

  1. Wrist pain

    Lately my right wrist (dominant hand) will hurt after I workout but get better throught the day. It hurts most on bench, pushups, things like that. Do you think I can fix this by strengthening my wrists or is it another problem. If so what can I do to strengthen my wrists I have been lifting for a little over a year now and have never worked wrists, I have a naturally big frame. Thanks for the help in advance guys.

  2. You probably want to let your wrist heal before you start doing exercises to strengthen it. Make sure to ice after your workouts and adding in contrast baths will help with the healing process.

    A quick fix is to tape your wrist when you do exercises that normally aggrevate it. If you can get through your workouts pain-free, your on the road to healing.

    After, a week or two you can add in some exercises for your wrists. Make sure to keep the reps high (15-20) at first. Eventually, you can add more weight and do lower reps. Also, make sure to do lots of forearm stretches to keep your joints healthy.

    Here's examples of exercises:

    I wrote another few posts about a similar topic. Most of it is redundant, but there's a few new points:

  3. I've heard some stuff about how if you put a small towel inbetween your hands and the bar it can help out a lot with grip, and wrist strength and it's very functional.

  4. thanks a lot guys appreciate it

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