Quick Question.

  1. Quick Question.

    Im stuck, my bench is laging behind most of my other main lifts, and im not to sure why, i just simply plateau on chest exercises so much easier for some reason.

    Current Lifts
    Bench - 200 x 6
    Dead - 380 x 6
    Squat 315 x 6

    I dont max, i have had numerous hockey injuries(torn pec, torn MCl, dislocated sternum, torn delt) over the past few years, but i have managed to lift around these fairly well.

    My typical chest routine includes: ( I pick 4 of the following, and rotate every 4 weeks)
    -Incline Bench
    -DB flat
    -Db Inc
    -Weighted dips
    -Inc flys
    -Weighted pushups
    -Cable fly

    as of this morning i am at 200 lbs at 6ft. about 12% bf
    I consume about 3700-4000 cals a day, atleast 250gm protein
    and the rest is all low GI carb and healthy fats.

    I am looking for some tips on helping to boost chest gains, thats all, thanks.

  2. I don't know if you've come across this before, but the techniques in this video really helped me bring up my chest -- it was the most lagging bodypart I had up until recently..


  3. Sarcev is an intelligent guy, i should play this video for most of the guys in my gym. Maybe they would stop attacking their sternum with the bench bar.

    What ive noticed has helped me recently in doing static holds. It works best on a bench machine. Or you could do it with a spotter on a normal bench.

    All you do is load up the bar and hold at almost full extention unitll your grip/chest/tri's give out. I dont lock out my arms, just right before that point. But their awesome, they fatigue my muscles like nothing else ive ever tried, im trying to figure out how to incorporate them into other exercises.

  4. Dumbbell Pullovers will help develop the pectoral minor ( I believe ) which can greatly increase overall chest strength and if underdeveloped restricts the chest from advancing. Also where is your sticking point? If you are getting stuck on the bottom of your bench work on your lats more, if in the middle work with board press and if at the top work floor presses. Also there are different tips that will help you increase the lift. Try rolling up a towel and placing it under your neck, this will help stabilize your spine and will probably give you an extra ten pounds, also focus of keeping your elbows and trying to rip the bar apart. Finally try working out fiber activation by doing ballistic bench presses where you throw the bar up with a light weight and focus on speed.
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