The Reasons To Train.

  1. Post The Reasons To Train.

    1. Because we realize that strength is merely the ends, it is the journey that counts.
    2. To use what we have learned by failure and success to advance others. Being strong does not mean a damn thing if you cant use it to help out. Muscles were'nt made for the hours in the gym, but trained there to use outside.
    3. To advance ourselves everyday in a positive manner, to gain not just a pound on the scale or a loss but to gain insight on discipline, work ethic, and knowing that we are more capable then others expect.
    4. To use supplements not as crutch but instead as a way to make that journey better, faster, and more efficient. Less hours in the gym mean more outside living life and putting those muscles to good use.
    5. To empower others. Looking good in the mirror is great and so is benching by the hundreds, but to give back to others and encourage them on thier own journeys is the ultimate test of respect and courage. Being a positive influence on peoples lives never started wars or caused murders, get to it.
    6. For health and happiness. Our hands are calloused and our body sore, but we are content with that, It is in us to be what we can and much more besides.

  2. Did you write this or find it?

    Liked a lot of it. Has a lot to do with why I will be come a pt/cscs and chiro so one day I can save up to open my own gym; wanting to help others.

    Good post.

  3. I wrote it myself. I believe strongly in it and i am glad you do too. I do not doubt that you will be successful on your journey and hope that you are. The world needs more like you.

  4. Great words.

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