First some vitals. I/m 25 years old, 5'9" and 194 guessing at around 10 percent body fat. Lifting for 7 years the last three has been primarily focused on bodybuilding (the previous 4 years were sport specific). I'm a little bored with my current set up I've been doing some basic variation of it for the past year and a half. BAsically I would hit it hard for 6-8 weeks take a couple weeks and do a 5 day split and then go back into the hitting it hard. I would like to freshen things up for the next month or so.

Currently I'm on a (very) modified dog crapp style split. I've changed things around alot from a standard DC set up...

sample week
Monday Chest/Shoulder/Tri A
Tuesday Back/Bi/Forearm A
wednesday Bis/tris/rear delt/calves and abs (this day is always on wednesday... really focusing on those stubborn body parts
Thursday Legs A
Friday Chest/Shoulder/Tri B

NExt week
Monday Back/Bi/Forearm B
Tuesday Legs B

I do 2 sets per muscle group one rest pause the other straight and i try and stick to heavy compound movements. I like this split alot and have made some good progress, but i think it is time to change it up. Radically...

So, what are some splits that you guys have had good experiences with?