Do you think this is an effective training method.

  1. Do you think this is an effective training method.

    ok so i am doing track and we lift somthing like this.

    10 8 6 4 reps each day.

    Hang Clean
    A bicep workout
    tricep workout
    standing dumbell lunges
    military press

    everything same but deadlift instead of squat

    same as monday

    do you think this is effective or if it would be better if i just kind of went my own way with this and like.



    4 sets by 6-8 reps not including warmup

    2-workouts small body parts
    3-workouts large body parts

  2. The first work-out looks more "sports-specific" while the second is more oriented towards bodybuilding. Since your training for track events, a more sports-specific workout would be more benificial, imo. I think there are better rountines than the one that was prescibed by the coach. But first, what event/s do you participate in?

  3. Both. the key to effective training is to change the stimulus regularly(4-8 weeks I usually aim for).

    Changing splits is a sure fire way to change the stimulus.

    I for example the past 6 weeks was on a split that looked likk this

    Wed: arms + shoulders

    Sat back + posterior chain

    Sun Chest + quads

    Now my split looks liek this

    tues: upper

    Thurs : lower

    sat: upper

    sun lower/explosive

  4. ya i am a thorwer shot and discus but i am not in it to be good i am doing it for the training.

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