Ripped Like Sly!!!

  1. Ripped Like Sly!!!

    Hey Guys, been away from the sight for a bit. Still working and trying to get ripped. Can anyone help me with a complete ripped workout and diet regimen that I can follow to reach my ultimate goal of getting ripped and shredded like Sly in "Rambo III". I could use the help. I've been reading and experimenting with not that much success. I would like to try the workout that Sly used from Franco Colombu of a double split routine. I would like to know he best routine that you guys can come up with. I know I can count on all of you from this sight. You guys always had good advice and know I need to follow the leaders to a "t". Do you know what exercises Sly used as well as sets and reps and frequency? I need guidance, so HELP!!!
    Thanks again.

  2. ok if u do the same **** as sly does u prob wont look the same every one is different but train each body part once a week eat atleast 2 grams protein per pound body weight get 8 hours sleep a night and have patients it will happen good luck

  3. Steroids?

  4. remember sly got busted for HGH...

    but, what are you're stats? how long have you been training, etc?

    remember that you need to switch up your workout routines can't just pick one routine to stick with indefinately to achieve a particular goal.

  5. I am 46 and have been working out steady (4 - 5 days a week). I am 5'8" and 184 lbs and would like to get to around 168 -170. I would like to try a split of some sort like the one Sly did with Franco Columbu. He was doing a double split of some kind.
    Mon - Wed - Fri: Morning - chest, back and abs.
    Afternoon - shoulders - arms - abs - cardio
    Tue - Thur - Sat: Morning: calves, thighs and cardio.
    Afternoon: Rear delts, traps,abs and cardio.
    What exercises would you guys recommend for me to do to follow this routine as far as sets and reps also? I would like to try to fit this in my mornings at the gym. I am at the gym at 4:45am and I have about 2 hrs to fit in.
    What supps are also recommended? I am taling liquid amino acids and glutamine. I drink Noxplode with creatine in it as I am working out.
    I just want to get more defined and trimmer. I guess you guys call it ripped.
    So, I am leaving my workout in the hands of the "pros". Lead me...

  6. Hey Guys, I am so sorry for going all over the place with my requests/replies. I am doing this at work and trying to fit this in between my crazy days here. Another question, how much and what kind of cardio is the best to use to lose weight. I think I hit a sticking point in my workouts and need to change it up. That is why I am looking toward Sly's workout. Plus, I admire the hell out him and what he achieved physically. He had Columbu...I HAVE ANOBOLICMINDS...I THINK IT IS NO CONTEST....I WILL PREVAIL !!!

  7. he had columbu, hgh, and tons of gear.

    yeah, you have anabolicminds.

    but chemically enhanced vs. natural doesn't seem like a fair match-up.

  8. So what do we do? Give in or fight!!! I say...FIGHT MY A** OFF...Any suggested supps for help? Is the HGH safe and good to use?

  9. HGH or human growth hormone is quite pricey and I believe it is illegal to own w/o a script. As far as safety's relatively safe if used in moderation but if you mess up you risk looking like a neanderthal. I'd recommend trying some OTC supplements before you even touch the HGH.

    As far as OTC supps go, I'd recommend a natty test of GH "booster." Just run a search and see what you find. Imo, a few good companies to check out for this are Get Diesel, USP Labs, and Applied Nutraceuticals.

  10. sly can afford real hgh


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