Mixing in a powerlifting routine

  1. Mixing in a powerlifting routine

    Hello, my primary focus or goal is to basically put on some decent mass and strength. I work out 4 times a week basically all free weights, every workout incorporates at least 2 compound movements, sometimes more. I am making decent progress as far as size but I would really like to increase my strength significantly. To do so I was thinking of switching it up by doing a two week power lifting routine; 3x a week: deadlifts, squats, bench press, clean and press. What is your opinions on mixing up my routine in this manner in order to gain some strength and break out of the routine? Also what would be ideal in terms of, the sets, reps, and capacity for each excercise.

  2. Switching to a hypertrophy oriented powerlifting routine would give you great results in the strength department. I would recommend that you continue it for longer than only two weeks. Here is program to takea look at:

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