GVT only 4 days /week ????

  1. GVT only 4 days /week ????

    Hey do you think it is ok to only do 4 days a week of GVT. Meaning that it is a 4 day routine but only do it once / week.... Let me know what you think..

    PS My chest has not been this sore since the first day i started working out.... Talk to ya...
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  2. Thats the way GVT is supposed to be done bro

    You're training every muscle group every 7 days or so and this helps the muscles recover completely before you proceed to kill them again..hehe




    PS I know about the chest thing too....I'm feeling it right now
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  3. Yeah Curt, my chest was DONE after my first two GVT workouts (doing my third tonight)! Same with legs, it feels like you haven't ever worked out before

    I'm using Poliquin's version that Wardog posted, and it's a body part about every 4 to 5 days, following his cycle. Good stuff!


  4. I started that exactly in October, and LOVE the way my muscles respond. Like u said, u get a soreness as if u haven't trained the muscles in ages. 4 days/ wk, every body part once a week...Awesome. Curt2go, u'll love it, keep doin' it.

  5. Everyone says GVT on gear or even PHs is insane.....the gains are incredible....so next cycle, I might test drive it.

  6. During my last cycle I did GVT 4 on 1 off, it went extremely well and my fears of overtraining proved to be false. I have been 'off' for the past 3 weeks and doing the GVT (4days on 3 off) at less volume but with the same weight, unfortunately Pain smiles upon me daily.

    "Are you on steroids?", was something I have never been asked, until recently and on multitude occassions.

    GVT will definitely not be a waste of your time. = )


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