here are 10 tips for beginners to the iron game

-Nutrition and a sound training programme are the most important, supplements are useless unless you are undertaking a sound training and nutrition programme.

-Dont fall into a the supplements trap by this i mean, relying on supplements and beleiving some of the claims. I did this with a supplement a couple of years ago, just listen to the one of the claims. "gains of upto 25lbs in just weeks". I was lucky because at the time i didnt have the money to buy it, so i didnt get burned. If you see a supplement search it on the forum and have a look at the feedback.

-steroids.This one i feel strongly about. steroids are not for beginners full stop.

-Form.Form is more important then what you can lift. by this i meen dont ignore form for more weight or reps. This is were injuries can happen, and for what, impress the Girl/boy at the water fountain.

-Read and learn.The only way to get better knowlege on weight training is by reading up on it. by doing this it will only benefit you.

-weight training is a long term thing not a overnight thing. By this i mean people wanting to get 'big now' 'strong now' and 'ripped now'. Its not going to happen, its takes months, years of hard work.

-Take advantage of your beginner gains, because when you first start weight training, this is where your best gains are, so make sure you get your nutrition right and training right, you wont be sorry. I wish I did this.

-Water. Drink water this is very important, your muscle is about 70 percent water. drink at least 2L every day. I personally drink 5-6L every day.

-Warm up. Just warm up the muscle and joints before working out. I usually just do 3 warm up sets of my first exercise of the day.

-Sleep. Try to get atleast 8hr of sleep a night, if not try to fit in a power-nap through the day, half hour should be enough.
this is because when your sleeping this is when your body recovers and grows.

Thanks for reading my tips for beginners. Im not claiming to be an expert by writing this. I hope you can appreciate this and give me good feedback.
thanks all