leg workouts with bench

  1. leg workouts with bench

    i need to get a membership to a gym but i sadly spend most of my money on my cars. actually barbell/bench i have a bench with the leg extension setup on the end. i was woundering what i could do to blast my legs a bit better. i usually do olympic squats/leg extensions/lunges/and reverse leg extensions for hemstrings and that pretty much it. what else could i do to get some more meat on them suckers? im going mainly for mass not strength. i was considering starting 5x5's and starting front squats.

  2. Front Squats are great as well as hitting those quads with some major weight....Just be sure to keep your form...

  3. Stiff-Leg Deadlifts, Split Squats, Step-Ups
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  4. Keep doing front squats, but if you want size make sure you are going ATG and do really high reps. Sprints will give you a little size as well but high rep front squats are the way to go
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  5. ok thanks guys il give them a go



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