Injury Questions

  1. Injury Questions

    I have two questions regarding two seperate injuries. Currently im a a mess. Im getting hernia surgery monday and have two other injuries which have been plagueing me. The first is a left shoulder(non-dominent) injury which im not sure what it is. The shoulder only hurts when i do chest/ shoulders or biceps. It doesnt hurt when i catch a football or do anything else. The pain comes on slow but intensifies to the point where it feels like i have a 'pump' in my left shoulder and it really aches. Any idea what this could be? The second injury is a left hamstring injury. I have complete flexibilty in my hammy when touching my toes and no pain, but when i try and put my leg to the side and strecth or spread my legs sitting and strecth the pain is really sharp from the mid part of my hammy up. The hammy injury happened sqauting and i kept sqautting through it and running. I guess it must be hurt pretty bad because its been 4 weeks off from running and sqautting and it isnt healing. Ive been heating and strecthing and icing everyday but the pain is still there and if i were to run it would tighten up. Any help?? thank you

  2. The shoulder injury sounds like bicep tendonitis. Is the pain in the front shoulder?

  3. I really dont know where it starts from it just feels like theres massive inflamtaion in my enetire shoulder. Why would benching trigure bicep tendonitous

  4. The biceps tendon runs all the way up to the shoulder. I believe extreme inflammantion in this area can put pressure on the shoulder capsule which could explain your shoulder problems.

  5. thanks rhyno, im doing biceps in a bit, ill see how it feels. how do u fix it?

  6. Have you tried icing it for 15-20 minutes at a time. Try doing that a few times a day for about a week, it should help take away some of the pain.

  7. Yeah, ive had a lot of stim treatment and icing. The problem really isnt inflammation which the ice would take care of though.

  8. Also ive had the pain in my shoulder for about 2-3 years. Tendonitous may explain its flare ups though.

  9. I believe your biceps tendon rides in a groove to it's connection point. It is possible that the tendon was over stressed during a heavy lifting session causing it to jump out of it's groove or stretch to far. This sounds very similar to an injury I had years ago. If it is not torn, rest is the best remedy. Same for the hamstring. Sounds like the hernia repair may be a blessing for you at this point. It sucks not being able to hit the gym, but sometimes your body just needs a bit of down time. I hope all goes well for you.

  10. yeah nightshift that is very true. i doubt its a tear though or even that it popped out of its groove. It just gets really inflamed. I did biceps today and the pump feeling in my shoulder was pretty intense but not really painful. hopefully time will heal though.

  11. You could try some ART. It's excellent for soft tissue injuries.

  12. Yeah ive been getting ART for a while now on my left hip/ IT band. I don't know how well that would work for my shoulder though. I went to a sports performance place today and they gave me some thoraxal movement exercises and some trunk rotation excerisies. Apparently the problem in my left shoulder and my left high hammy are due to my deadlifting. I dont alterate my grip from right over and left under. This puts a lot of stress on my left bicep tendon and strengthens my right high back more than my left. I had my shoulder mobility measured and it was very poor, but my right was much worse than my left( bad shoulder). From having my hand always over in deadlifting my upper right back was tight and it threw off rotation when running and therfore my hammy problem started.

  13. Benched today, shoulder killed, left gym early, not happy. hernia surgery on monday

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Rhyno View Post
    The biceps tendon runs all the way up to the shoulder. I believe extreme inflammantion in this area can put pressure on the shoulder capsule which could explain your shoulder problems.
    hmm, i have a tendon on the inner part of my left bicep that has been getting really sore for any kind of pressing that tendonitis too or what?

    i also have one in my left pec....
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  15. That could be tendonitous. The only real way to know is to rest for a while and reevaluate the pain when u come back. Too bad its so hard to stay out of the gym.

  16. so today i came back from lifting after two weeks of hernia recovery. My left shoulder still had a whole hell of a lot of pain and my left chest tired out much much faster than my right on flat flys. I really hope its nothing serious.


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