Training Question

  1. Training Question

    I have been training for 3 years now. Although I am not looking for bodybuilder symmetry, My traps are extremely uneven. When flexing it is even more apparent as my right trap is much larger and muscular. I would appreciate any input, training advice, or method to even out my traps.

  2. You could try and lower the weights, up the reps and really focus on strict, strict form. That focus on hypertrophy may even them out. Either that or work your left trap solo for a few weeks, but that is a pretty extreme measure for someone who isn't competing.

  3. Have you ever had any injuries? Or do you perform some sort of work every day that would lead to this imbalance ie. are you a carpenter?

    If it's an injury thing then I'd reccomend ART (active release therapy). I've just gotten my 3rd treatment and would reccomend it to anyone who's even remotely interested, it works well and you notice the results quickly.

    Other then that, maybe something like mullet said. Except instead of working "just" the smaller trap, try working it first and then whatever you fail at, say it's 8 reps, you only do that number of reps for the stronger side. Perhaps even do 1-2 less for the stronger side. I've done this for my legs before when I've had issues with my knees or a shoulder is bothering me. It's good to bring up a lagging bodypart.

  4. No i have not had any injuries and I cannot think of any activities that would cause this imbalance. Thanks, I appreciate the input. I am mostly likely going to try trianing one trap for a few weeks.

  5. I'm not trying to start a pissing match here, but when you say "one trap" do you mean not train the other trap? IMO that's not a really good idea. At least some maintenance work for the other "regular" trap would be advised.

  6. Ever have any nerve problems?

  7. Do you deadlift with an alternated grip? (One hand overhand - one underhand)

    If so, and you always put the same hand the same way (I.E. Always put your right hand underhand), that could possibly cause the imbalance.

  8. RAWR JUST GRAB A 130 lbs dbell with your WEAKER arm, and do shrugs.

    If this doesnt work just inject synthol into the smaller one!

    That ALWAYS makes something bigger

  9. Is your smaller trap weaker? If so use dumbells to do shrugs at the max weight that the smaller one can manage and don't use a barbell where the larger one could be doing a lot more work


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