Did I overtrain or just exhaust myself?

  1. Did I overtrain or just exhaust myself?

    For the past few days I have felt dead tired/exhausted. Here is a little history to start with:
    I have been lifting for about 8 years now, I took a break of about 2 years total in this time. I started back in November/December and started heavy in the past month. I was on NO2 with Anavol but dumped it and went with nothing until two weeks ago.
    I started Pheraplex at 20mg split during the day. I work third shift and workout when I wake. Here is my problem. I had six days off and switched to a regular sleep schedule of going to bed when its dark and waking when its light! I was doing good until Sunday when I remodeled our kitchen. The wheels literally fell off and I died. Since then I have switched back to sleeping during the day so I can work at night. I have been dead tired, even yawning while working out.
    I have been eating and supplementing ok I think. I take the standard supps required for PP and take about 3-4 shakes a day along with two meals. I have started upping my intake to try and take more out of the PP.
    My work out is two on one off two on and two off. I have been able to move more weight up until Tuesday. Since then I have been dead tired. Am I just exhausted? My BP is ok, in fact it went down a little over the last week and everything else seems ok. I am not irritable or anything however my sleep has not been great which I am attributing to sleeping schedule switch.
    Any suggestions?

  2. May just be a disruption of your circadian rhythms from changing your sleeping schedule around. It can take several weeks for your body to adjust.

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