JAWZERSIZE does it work?

  1. JAWZERSIZE does it work?

    Anyone tried this yet? Want to strengthen my jaw muscles after neck and shoulder days. Anyone use it? Seen results? The guy on the video i thought appeared a little shady...

  2. JAWZERSIZE does it work?

    I'm seeing a lot of JAWzersize in my gym, no gains being made. Goes hand in hand with Thumbsersize.

  3. Hahahha

  4. Reading about how our food has become so processed that chewing is greatly reduced. Chewing stimulates saliva and various enzymes to be secreted to help process food and aid digestion. This is especially omitted in a senior person.
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  5. Im guessing its pure BS.......just buy a bite guard when ur doing max effort lifts....i had to after cracking a rear molar

  6. It should work. I chew on a $1 rubber dog ball and my jaw has grown substantially.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ericos_bob View Post
    It should work. I chew on a $1 rubber dog ball and my jaw has grown substantially.
    Maybe i should pick up one for the wife

  8. Lmao


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