HELP... Recovery Training Advice for Back Surgery

  1. HELP... Recovery Training Advice for Back Surgery

    Couple months ago I had to have back surgery. I had two bulging discs between C5 - C7 that had compressed to the point that they were referred to by the Surgeon as a "squashed jelly doughnut"! Before the injury put me out of commission I lifted 4-5 days a week always looking for new routines and programs. Now I have to start over, but Im anxious to get back in the gym! So my question is for all the pro trainers out there. I need a training plan that will help me with my recovery but yet give me that pump that we all look forward to after a good workout. With all that said, i know many of you professional trainers don't give your secrets away for free. So to show that I am serious I am willing to compensate for the right advice. Or you can always help out a Soldier out of the kindness of your heart! Hit me up here or PM, i want to get started soon! Thanks in advance for all advice given.

  2. Start light and slow, don't do anything that hurts. You don't need "the pump" right away. You need to heal til you can work hard without reinjury. I would suggest doing light compounds with higher reps and add weight as you can handle it. Iso exercises (I'm thinking seated arms and maybe legs if tolerable) you can push harder as long as you keep your body braced and still to allow you to heal.

  3. Sorry to hear of your set back.
    Personally, I think good trainers do better to actually keep one motivated to keep training, watch their clients form and help them push themselves some, than have actual secrets. (secrets are to stick with a proven plan or program, stay consistent, determined and focused, work hard, eat right and rest well.) Old school is new school.

    That said, did your doc give you any feed back on what you can and cannot do yet? Do you have any limitations or restrictions in ROMs or actual movements?
    Otherwise, as Country said, start slow and ease back into a regular regimen, letting your body get used to weight bearing work. As far as the pump, you could get that by very light weights (even BW stuff) and high reps, but then again training for the pump exclusively, is not something I ever do, even though it makes one feel good.

  4. Doc pretty much said low weight, high reps, and whatever i can tolerate. Every thing country said, just dont go get kicked in the head! Lol... Its been several months since I have done any kind of exercise, I'm just so used to having a plan. My training has always been heavy weight 6-10 rep range. Stayed away from machines except leg days. Maybe I am making this harder then what it is. All the training logs I have browsed through in mags and online just dont appeal to me, was hoping maybe someone had some ideas i could steal from. Thanks again I appreciate the feedback!

  5. Try 7-12 reps lighter weight but more volume aka more sets. Not fast paced but lots of volume on the compounds.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by cntrymuscle View Post
    All the training logs I have browsed through in mags and online just dont appeal to me, was hoping maybe someone had some ideas i could steal from.
    What does not appeal to you!?, the exercises, the rep schemes, the specific layouts?
    Do you have an idea what or how you would like to proceed?
    What about a goal?

  7. Not sure exactly what it is... I think it just boils down to I have to break away from the training programs I am used to doing. Programs that build mass and strength. Im not a big guy to start with and don't have the genetics like some lucky men have, so i have to work harder to get bigger. Like I said I am prolly just making this harder than it is.


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