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    Hey ya'll , i've been traning for about 3 years. have put on some reall nice muscle mass , but have never look into traning seince. only work hard lift whights and spend a lot of money about supplments, and i have never changed up my traning routine. and i've read in AnabolicMinds newspaper that you've to change your traning routine every 3weeks . for more gains. that your body don't get used to the rountine. now. what changing routine is? change the exrecises? the whights ? the part of muscle ur working in 1 traning?
    can any one help me on that, that would be great i will apriciate it though!

  2. Can you link the article???
    As far as changing the actual routine every 3 weeks, sounds more like an article on CRCing or "chronic/constant-routine-changing" which leads to very little progress.
    Sure you add weight on a consistent basis to the exercises (especially the big ones and when possible) creating progressions etc. and you can split the body up into say upper and lower W/O's. More advanced guys can wave intensities throughout the weeks, mix the assistance work or what not and all that, but to actually change the routine, I would say not really.
    Many guys thrive on simple steady routines/protocols that they work for long periods ie: months and even years.
    Consistency and focus are very big factors in strength and mass building, so you do not want to change things so much that you lose site of the actual goal(s) or your target(s).

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