Girlfriend working out with me, looking for program advice

  1. Girlfriend working out with me, looking for program advice

    My girlfriend is starting to work out with and I'm just looking for a routine that can somewhat fit us both. I've been lifting for quite a while and I started us with the core lifts because she's a beginner (squat, deadlift, bench and an accessory lift to go with each). Goal is really to get her stronger and then move on from there. I guess I'm more looking for advice on rep ranges than anything, we've doing 3x10-12 on all lifts but deadlift. I've been doing DC for quite a while and haven't followed a normal program since I can't remember when. Thanks.
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  2. IMO, you're doing the right thing. A women should lift the same as men. Obviously there are some limits, but exercises and reps should be the same as a mans would depending on their goals.
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  3. 8-10-12 reps with multi sets are best for novices. It helps them with not straining too hard at first and they also learn the pattern and form of the exercises better since they do not have to over concentrate on exertion and thus slop up the form. It still has plenty of resistance to aid in strength and mass building.
    Are you starting with say a 5 min. all over warmup or cardio type thing to get the muscles heated some?

  4. Keep it simple at 4 sets of 8-12 reps... I'd also add some type of row in there also... Maybe bench superset with bent over rows(preferably unilateral)...

  5. A little off topic but I seen a couple working out at my gym last night..they were both doing legs and all I could think was wow they are squatting the same weight.................He has been skipping leg day...

    all seriousness yeah using the same routine should not be a problem other then any issue you might have with loading and unloading plates to change the weight for each of you. You had better be squatting more then her...
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