my upper lower body split ( while cutting) what u think?

  1. my upper lower body split ( while cutting) what u think?

    Ok guys so here's the thing, I am cutting right now nd work out 4 times a week, 3 times a week I follow up my workout with an 30mn of cardio. I been doing upper/lower split for over 2 months now and I seen good gains. Here's what my split look like

    Upper body

    Machine fly 4*12,10,8,6
    Machine chest press 4*12,10,8,6
    Cable row 4*10,8,6, 6
    Lat pull down 3*10,8,6
    Shoulder press machine 3*10,8,6
    Preacher curl 3*12,10,8
    Triceps push down 3*12,10,8
    Abs 3*20

    Lower body

    Squads 5*15,15,15, 8,8
    45 leg press 3*12,10,8
    Leg extensions 3*12,10,8
    Leg curls 3*12,10,8
    Calft raises 3*15,15,15
    Lower Back extensions 3*20

    So that's about what I do, sometimes I do switch up the exercises so it doesn't repeat itself, so what u guys think? - anything I should change or add

  2. Brief thoughts: More pulling (specifically horizontal pulling. Your lats actually serve as internal rotators so they don't do as much to balance your pressing and pulling) less machines and more free weights and I think there are much better exercises for the lower body than extensions and leg curls (think rdls, lunges, step ups, ghr if you have one).

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