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  1. tattoopierced1
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    damn bro, looking good...

  2. Definitely looking good man.....just think when you do reach your 185 and ripped. You are gonna be sick!

  3. Worked chest yesterday.. Thought my gains had stalled but weighed in at 175.4. I guess my weight is still moving up. I don't seem to be getting fat either, in fact I might be slimming down some. It's hard to gauge strength gains because of the training style in this program.

  4. Very inspiring bro! You will be ripped by the end of it all. It's obvious Bobo's programs are very well laid out. Keep posting the pics.

  5. Lookin ripped,
  6. tattoopierced1
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    any more news??

  7. Sorry for not updating for awhile. I've been really busy with school and work.

    I was unable to follow my diet this weekend due to being away from home most of the time. The food I ate wasn't terrible, but I also missed a day of training which really irritated me.

    Anyhow I weighed in yesterday at 177 lbs. This is the most I've weighed for almost a year. My waist is not any bigger either... it might actually be a tad bit smaller. Unfortunately I did not take waist measurements in the beginning so it's hard to gauge, but my pants do feel a tad bit looser.

    My strength is also up. I am able to do 5-15 lbs more weight on just about every exercise. The exercises are also not nearly as painful as they were in the beginning.

    I've received 2 comments from people saying I look bigger and my wife asked me if I was taking steroids I will post pictures next weekend.

  8. Brings a tear to the eye

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  9. tattoopierced1
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    man, if i could just get rid of my paintball stuff then i'd have Bobo help me out too... i gotta get on that and get some $$...

  10. Well I completely messed up my diet on Wed. I was able to eat breakfast, but didn't eat until 8-9 hours later and when I finally ate it was pizza only because I was starving and there was nothing else to eat... I managed to get my last meal in but overall it was a terrible day and very discouraging. I weighed in today at 176 so I won't be taking pictures again till next weekend.

    On a less depressing note my strength has somehow still managed to increase for bicep curls. I started out doing 25's and am now doing 40's.

  11. looking for a update, keep with it, your doing good.

  12. i sold my digital camera but am getting a new one shortly so pictures will have to wait. my diet has been slacking a bit but i still weighed in yesterday at 180.5. that is up 10.5 pounds from the start.

    my strength has gone up significantly on biceps, calves, and legs, but unfortunately it has gone down on chest. i think i worked my chest a bit much prior to this routine so it was stronger compared to the rest of my body. bobo's program seems to be designed for good proportionality so this makes sense.

  13. Keep with it, its sounds good and by the way, your not his newest client anymore. I will be starting the 27th! Wish me luck on my journey through hell!

  14. I was just able to get his deluxe muscle building program, my goal is to basically stay the same weight, just replace my 15%bf with 5%bf and still weigh around the same. It can be done when you are Bobo's slave.

  15. bohica, sounds great. are u going too keep a log on here?

  16. Yep, I wanna end up as his most prized possession , and I figure with the somewhat of a base I have, I can go no where but up and amazing. :-P

  17. Well some good news and bad news. I ran out of creatine this past Monday and usually when I go off creatine I lose 3-5 lbs immediately. The good news is I still weighed in today at 181! That is .5 lbs more than on Tuesday and I'm sure it'd be more had I still been on creatine.

  18. Been 11 days since my last post. Weighed in today at 180.8. There is a new muscle forming in my triceps that has never been there before Strength is up on most exercises except my chest seems to be lagging. Here are some of the most significant strength gains I've made:

    DB Curls
    Started: 25 lbs
    Now: 50 lbs

    Seated Calf Raises
    Started: 90 lbs
    Now: 145 lbs

    Seated Rows
    Started: 110 lbs
    Now: 140 lbs

    Arnold Presses
    Started: 40 lbs
    Now: 60 lbs

    Got my new diet and am ready to shovel down some more food.

  19. awesome, keep up the good work

  20. any more news?

  21. Unfortunately school and work have been crazy so I missed a full week of training. My diet was pretty bad as well but it was unavoidable. This is the longest period of training I've missed in 2 years. I did back tuesday and weighed in at a mere 178. I'm back on track though and I'm sure my weight will shoot right back up.

  22. My training with Bobo has ended I kicked it hard this week and am back up to 181.5. I have grown significantly and quickly. This is by far the best diet/training routine I have EVER done (I have tried many). Overall I lost 1 1/2" on my waist while gaining about 12 lbs. I followed the diet roughly 60% of the time and I'm sure if I had stuck to it more diligently my gains would be more significant. I am gonna continue this diet for another couple weeks then begin Bobo's fat loss program.

  23. do you have any current pics for comparison

  24. Missed a whole week of training and diet has been 60% and still gained 12 pounds...sounds pretty good to me.

  25. Quote Originally Posted by ericnb_98
    do you have any current pics for comparison
    Unfortunately no I don't. As soon as I get ahold of a digital camera I will take some.

  26. Wow great work bro!!!

  27. Bobo's program has been over for about a week and a half now. I am holding steady at ~183-184. I will be doing this for approx one more week then I am doing his fat loss program

    I am gonna accost my wife about getting a new digital camera so hopefully I can put up some new pics. My arms are SIGNIFICANTLY bigger particularly my biceps. I am bigger/fuller throughout my entire body as well with about a little more definition than I had before.

  28. Awesome job...... I hope i do half as well on Bobo's fatloss plan! You are definitely an inspiration.

    Wtg, bro!


  29. Quote Originally Posted by 454rat
    Awesome job...... I hope i do half as well on Bobo's fatloss plan! You are definitely an inspiration.

    Wtg, bro!

    Where in Northern VA are you? I'm in Vienna.

  30. Hey.... you know who i am.....

    Quote Originally Posted by ke0ki
    Where in Northern VA are you? I'm in Vienna.

  31. oh yeah.. duhh.. i think im lacking blood in my brain from leg day

  32. Quote Originally Posted by ke0ki
    oh yeah.. duhh.. i think im lacking blood in my brain from leg day

    I've always theorized that a good leg day burns more brain cells that guzzling a fifth of bad whiskey .......what were we talking about?

  33. Well my diet has stayed pretty much the same for the past 2 weeks but today I weighed in at 186!! I did just recently start back up on CEE and Diarginine Malate which may be the reason for the weight change. I have surpassed my 4-month, 15 lb goal by 1 lb in ~11 weeks.


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